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Boudoir Shoots


Home shoots.  Shot on location in your own home. Prices start from £125.00 for approx 2 hours.


Please  contact us to discuss your requirements and we can tailor  a package just for you.


Boudoir photography is a tasteful, seductive style of photography which stems from the Burlesque portrayal ‘The Art of Tease.’ Ranging from beautiful corsetry and lingerie to semi-nude photographs, We would provide a discreet service so you will feel completely at ease with this experience. Our lovely backgrounds and amazing hair and make up will ensure that you adore the images.


Burlesque style is all about being sexy with confidence and grace and knowing exactly how much to hold back to let the imagination do the rest. Boudoir photographers stick to this principle and use the best sets to create this look and help show you the right poses to make you feel amazing.


We can ensure that someone who comes to us feeling nervous can leave the session feeling great with the photoshoot and proud of the images they have achieved. We know how to make you feel at ease, which is important when trying to create a sexier look.


Boudoir photo shoots are liberating and a stunning style of photography that suits all shapes and sizes, and can be a great experience to share with your partner. Whether you want a gift for the husband or simply for a confidence boost, boudoir will never fail to please.


Our boudoir photography packages are excellent value, and as you will see the results are outstanding.

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